Why Hire Geiger Law Practice Sales?



Succession Planning:


There are many considerations in planning a sale and you are encouraged to consult with Ms. Geiger without charge to discuss any such issues including:  Pre-sale incorporation and the tax consequences thereof; ways you can positively affect the valuation of your practice; the viability of a current associate as a successor.  Contact Kathy via email (geiger@lawyer,com) or phone (613-864-4701) to discuss your concerns in the years preceding retirement.


Keep Billings be at their Highest Level when Selling a Law Practice


Do what you do best - practising law.  Consider your hourly rate and the amount of time better spent maintaining attractive billing levels rather than wasting time and resources trying to find, vet and meet with numerous potential buyers.  This is not the best use of your time. It is very difficult for a practitioner to devote the time necessary to selling a legal practice while actively maintaining the practice. Ms. Geiger's expertise will not only save you from expending time which could be spent billing, but will also do a better job of presenting your practice in its best light.


If you feel that you wish to deal with the sale of your practice primarily on your own, Ms. Geiger can offer selective services to assist you including valuation, response to advertising inquiries and assistance with negotiations.



We Provide You with Access to Potential Purchasers You Couldn't Attract on Your Own


Through her database of qualified purchasers and through carefully crafted advertising, Ms. Geiger attracts  the highest number of potential purchasers for your law practice sale.  You are more likely to find a compatible purchaser willing to pay a premium for your practice.  Where there is good 'fit' between seller and buyer, the buyer is confident that clients will stay.  The value of the practice thereby increases. 



Potential Purchasers Prefer Dealing with a Third Party Intermediary


Anonymity is assured until the potential purchaser is confident that they wish to be put forward as a purchaser.  With an intermediary they feel freer to request information that they would be hesitant to ask directly of a seller.   



You Will Obtain a Higher Price for Your Law Practice


The right purchaser will pay more for your practice when proper "fit" is assured and the purchaser is confident that he or she can maintain billing levels, by retaining your client base.



Geiger Law Practice Sales Saves You Time and Money


Ms. Geiger's detailed interview process ensures that a complete picture of the purchaser emerges.  You can be confident that she has assessed the suitability of purchasers, will transmit important information between seller and buyer, will arrange any in person meetings, and will assist in the negotiation process for the sale.  She is always available by phone and e-mail to answer your questions.  She devotes as much time as necessary to ensure that your practice sells.  This is time that you should be spending billing, maintaining the value of your practice.


One final thought:  You have an expertise in the law.  You hire expert witnesses when necessary.  Hire an expert when selling your law practice.



For more information on her services and fees, click here to contact Ms. Geiger directly.