Law Practice Transition


Not ready to sell but need some retirement planning?


Advance planning for your retirement is a smart move!  Hiring another lawyer to work with you for several years will ensure continuity of clients and a proper fit when it comes time to sell your practice.



A Recruiter is Best Suited to Find the Best Candidate


It takes time to advertise, contact, conduct interviews and hire a candidate.  Your time is best spent doing what you do most effectively - working as a lawyer and billing for that work.  Leave the recruiting work to an expert in that field.  Not only will you find it cost-effective, you will ultimately hire the most suitable lawyer available.


You Will Gain Access to Candidates who Wouldn't Apply Directly to Your Firm 


Most candidates for a position prefer to deal with a third party, in order to maintain anonymity, until they have sufficient information to determine if they wish to apply for the position. Ms. Geiger has a database of lawyers developed over her years as a recruiter, and will contact any suitable candidates directly. 



Ms. Geiger has worked as a legal recruiter since 2002.  She has assisted firms in hiring every level of lawyer, from first year calls to senior partners in every area of practice.  She has placed lawyers into private practice, corporations and the public sector.  Additionally, she has worked on law firm mergers and law practice sales.  She has interviewed thousands of lawyers over the years and is extremely able to assess suitability for a position both in terms of practice skills and 'fit' with the firm.  Her litigation background makes her particularly effective in interviewing candidates.


Ms. Geiger has 15 years of practice experience and knows just how valuable your time is.  You will not be 'bounced' resumes with little regard to suitability for hire as may happen with other recruiters. 


You can trust Ms. Geiger to deliver timely, thorough and effective services including the following:

  • Assessing the criteria for hire.
  • Preparing and publishing effective advertising for the position.
  • All contact with potential applicants.
  • Interviewing and assessing all suitable candidates.
  • Preparing thorough written evaluations of their education, experience and personalities.
  • Setting up interviews with the firm.
  • Assisting in negotiating terms of hire.
  • Transmitting information from candidate to firm and vice-versa with strict confidentiality assured.


For more information on her services and fees, click here to contact Ms. Geiger directly.