Buying a Law Practice

Are You in the Market to Buy a Law Practice?  Why Use this Service?



Access to information about Law Practices For Sale not Otherwise Available.


If you want to run your own practice, or buy into a small practice, let me know, I will respond promptly and set up a telephone meeting to discuss details of the practice you seek. I can then present appropriate buying opportunities to you before these opportunities are advertised, giving you a strategic time advantage with the seller.    



You Retain Your Anonymity


You can request information about the firm in question prior to revealing your identity to the seller.  A non-disclosure agreement is required to access practice information, including a brief prospectus and financial summary.  


You can expect strict confidentiality and anonymity until you authorize Ms. Geiger to release your name or any other information to the seller.



Ms. Geiger Assists in the Negotiation of a Deal


Her expertise and creative input into financing the deal will assist you in coming to terms with the seller quickly and easily. 


Except in cases where a buyer has retained Ms. Geiger specifically to do a valuation or otherwise assist in the purchase of a law practice, Ms. Geiger's client is the seller. 



Be Confident that negotiations will be conducted fairly


Ms. Geiger encourages her clients, the law firm seller, to be realistic in the pricing of their practice and the terms and conditions of a viable sale. Ms. Geiger has a great deal of expertise in assessing the viability of a practice as an ongoing concern - and the value of a given practice to a buyer - and she assists the parties in reaching reasonable terms of purchase and sale. 



Join Ms. Geiger's Database of Potential Purchasers


Join Ms. Geiger's database and you will be immediately informed when a suitable Law Practice becomes available. If you are interested in that particular practice, Ms. Geiger will require a non-disclosure agreement before providing you with a Prospectus and Financial Package.  She will promptly send your candidate information to the seller should you wish to proceed. You will have a strategic time advantage over other potential purchasers who are not registered. Contact Ms. Geiger at to inquire about her database.


Qualifications for Buyers:




 A buyer must be a legally qualified Canadian lawyer in order to be legally eligible to purchase a practice.  You must be a member of the the Law Society of the Province of sale or eligible for membership in said Law Society prior to purchase.




Information about the Process


Ms. Geiger will initially conduct a phone interview to discuss your education, legal experience, reasons for buying a practice, geographical areas of interest and other information pertinent to a practice purchase.  She will need your CV either prior to or following the phone interview, feel free to send it to geiger@lawyer.comComplete confidentiality is assured.


When a suitable practice arises, Ms. Geiger will conduct more in depth discussions with you and flesh out all the details noted above as well as making a determination of your "fit" with the seller and the practice for sale.  A brief written evaluation may be provided to the seller.  This evaluation is confidential and is not shared with the purchaser.


During negotiations for a sale, all interviews and information exchange are handled by Ms. Geiger until the buyer and seller have developed mutual trust.  At this stage, often the parties elect to deal with each other directly.  Ms. Geiger checks in with both parties often, to ensure that the process is going smoothly, to iron out communication problems, and to assist the parties in reaching terms of sale. Ms. Geiger assists where negotiation of the practice sale reaches any form of barrier, and can be relied upon to suggest creative means of negotiating or financing the sale.


Once an initial offer is presented by you the seller may request a credit check 


You are responsible for negotiating terms of a purchase with the buyer.  You may require the assistance of an accountant, tax expert or another lawyer to assist you in this process. 



For more information on her services and fees, click here to contact Ms. Geiger directly.